Cooking up cozy homemade recipes for every occasion, straight from the heart of our home (our kitchen!)

About Us

Hello fellow chefs and welcome to our blog! We discovered our love for cooking on one of our very first dates. 9 years, 4 kitchens, 1 baby and about 1,000 recipes later… we decided it was high time we shared our passion with the world.

What’s our #1 rule in the kitchen?  Have fun and keep it simple! While we aim to cook restaurant quality dishes, our don’t forget to smile, laugh and experiment a lot while we do it.


“Us” in a nutshell:

  • Amanda is the organized foodie, she loves going to new restaurants and keeping up with epicurean trends. She loves to hunt for recipes and is always game to try new ingredients.  
  • Marc is the food techie and business man. He’s always testing out the newest gadgets and integrating them into our adventures in the kitchen.


It’s fun to cook together as a couple (and someday soon, as a family!). Every day we learn something new about ourselves and the ingredients we use. We are always pushing the limits on what we can create and we hope we will inspire you to do the same. The recipes we post have been tested, tweaked and enjoyed, so they *should* be really good, but we’re open to constructive criticism, so comment away! The food we make we are proud of and most of the dishes we feature we have been making for years.

We like to grow and source local ingredients, ideally using as much from home as possible (more to come on that soon!), because we believe in controlling food quality and knowing what we are eating and where it came from. It doesn’t hurt that this will also save you a little bit of money too!  Where do we divert those pennies saved? To opening up a great bottle of wine at home while we cook, without the 200% mark up!

We hope you enjoy our blog and look forward to collaborating with anyone who reaches out! We view this blog as part recipe archive/part classroom for cooking and sharing ideas. We are excited to join the food blogging community and are committed to being engaged and responsive to our followers.